About Omnibond

Omnibond is a software engineering and support company focused on infrastructure software, including Identity and Access Management and Massive Parallel File Data Storage (OrangeFS).

As an advocate for open source development, we are providing development and marketing resources toward OrangeFS, the next generation of PVFS for high-performance cluster computing. This commitment includes commercial-grade product services for present and future customers who are leveraging OrangeFS in applications for high-performance and enterprise computing.

We are also development partners with NetIQ® and provide engineering and support for their identity and security products.








Omnibond is also extending its reach of infrastructure software to include computer vision technologies, and our initial foray into this field is with TrafficVision, a new division devoted to computer-vision traffic detection and monitoring for the transportation industry.

The origins of Omnibond date back to
1999 when the IT department at Clemson University, in South Carolina, made advancements in identity connectivity across IBM mainframe, UNIX and Linux platforms. Omnibond was founded and licensed the technology through the Clemson University Research Foundation and worked with Novell Corporation to integrate the technology over the years into their product line. The company's first products were closely tied to eDirectory™, the pioneering data repository from Novell that helped establish directory services as a new essential ingredient for the enterprise.














Omnibond's partnership with Novell was extended to NetIQ when its parent company purchased Novell. Omnibond continues to contribute to the acquired products as they are integrated into NetIQ's enterprise solutions.

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Omnibond's success can be defined by its investments in OrangeFS and TrafficVision. Experience gained through years of Novell, and now NetIQ, product development have led the company to its lucid present day charter, which is to develop the software infrastructure of tomorrow.