What is GENI?

What is GENI?

The Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) is a collection of resources connected to create a virtual laboratory for networking and distributed systems experiments. An experimenter can obtain compute resources from GENI locations around the Unites States, connect these resources using Layer 2 networks in a user defined network topology, install custom software and operating systems,  and even configure and control how the network switches handle traffic flows.

Why use GENI?


  • A large-scale experiment infrastructure: GENI can potentially provide you with more resources than is typically found in any one laboratory. GENI gives you access to hundreds of widely distributed resources including compute resources such as virtual machines and “bare-machines”, and network resources such as links, switches and WiMax base stations.

  • Non-IP connectivity across resources: GENI allows you to set up Layer 2 connections between compute resources and run your own Layer 3 and above protocols connecting these resources.

  • Deep programmability: With GENI you can program not only the end hosts of your experimental network but also the switches in the core of your network. This allows you to experiment with novel network layer protocols or with novel IP-routing algorithms.

  • Reproducibility: You can get exclusive access to certain GENI resources including CPU resources and network resources. This gives you control over your experiment’s environment and hence the ability for you and others to repeat experiments under identical or very similar conditions.

  • Instrumentation and measurement tools: GENI has two instrumentation and measurement systems that you can use to instrument your experiments. These systems provide probes for active and passive measurements, measurement data storage and tools for visualizing and analyzing measurement data.

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