Omnibond Systems, LLC, is a software engineering and support company focused on three major solution areas:

Enterprise Solutions
Computer Vision Solutions
Personal Solutions


Omnibond was founded in 1999 to produce Authentication and Identity Solutions. Over the years, in partnership with NetIQ (formerly Novell), Omnibond has produced many solutions used around the world.

In 2010, Omnibond added computer vision based solutions for traffic monitoring with its TrafficVision systems.

In 2011, Omnibond launched its first open source offering with OrangeFS, a parallel file system for HPC and Big Data Applications, adding to its Enterprise Solutions.

In 2014, Omnibond launched its first Socal Media Open Source Project, acilos, a Personal Private Social Valet. acilos, provides a solution for personal social media engagement.  It is also an industry first providing a personal private cloud solution that can be run in the cloud or locally.

In 2015, Omnibond launched CloudyCluster, the first self-service High Performance Computing (HPC) solution to simplify computational science in the public cloud.

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