Junetsu Architecture

Junetsu Architecture



Junetsu network device identity management allows you to:

  • Require users to register devices for network access
  • Provide fast event-based processing for registrations
  • Log who is using what IP address and when
  • Quarantine devices when exhibiting worm-like behavior
  • Leverage existing ISC DHCP servers

Required Components

Setting up Junetsu on your network requires the following components:

  • NetIQ Identity Manager 3 or 4
  • Identity Manager Scripting Driver - DHCP Scripts Link
  • Registration Web Application Link
  • Registration Disable/Delete XML - Loopback Driver Config for clean-up Link

Optional Components

These optional components can also be used to enhance functionality:

  • Manual Registration Web Application Link
  • Junetsu Designer Plug-In Link
  • Junetsu Audit Logger Scripts Link
  • Honeyd Scripts Link



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