Partnering with NetIQ

From 1999 to 2011, Omnibond provided turnkey software design, development and support services to the vision of Novell Corporation for extending all computing platforms into the open systems enterprise. Omnibond's partnership with Novell was recently extended to NetIQ when its parent company purchased Novell.

Omnibond's expertise in large-systems network connectivity is evident in numerous software drivers and scripting APIs for Novell Identity Manager, as well as Novell Sentinel, the security event and information management solution.





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Areas of Development

NetIQ Identity Manager

Omnibond makes and supports a wide range of drivers that enable Identity Manager to connect to applications running on mainframe, midrange, Linux and UNIX platforms.

We also developed the versatile Scripting Driver, which gives customers the tools to build their own drivers, connecting in-house applications and utilities to Identity Manager.

Targeted Solutions

The Scripting Driver is especially popular among our own developers, who have used it to design several applications that leverage and integrate a variety of open source software components.

NetIQ Sentinel

Omnibond designed the connector software that enables Sentinel to receive data from a mainframe running IBM z/OS. We are currently working on a similar solution for systems running IBM i (i5/OS and OS/400).

Recent News

New Release of Identity Manager Features Omnibond's New Driver for Blackboard

To complement its recent release of Identity Manager 4.0 Advanced Edition, Novell released a new Standard Edition in April. Omnibond's numerous driver enhancements to this market-leading solution included an entirely new driver that enables the Blackboard course management system to synchronize its account data with Identity Manager.

To read more about it, visit the Identity Manager product page on the Novell web site. Or for more detailed information, visit Novell's driver documentation page or Omnibond's pages for Product Information and Downloads & Links.