OpenGENI Network ARchitecture

Network Software

OpenStack and GENI Rack Aggregate Manager (GRAM) are software layers that run on the rack hardware. The servers within the rack fall into one of two categories: Controller Node or Compute node.

  • Controller Node: The central management and coordination point for OpenStack and GRAM operations and services. There is only one controller node per rack.

  • Compute Node(s): These servers provide the resource pool from which VM’s and network connections are sliced and allocated based on requests from a Geni experimenter. Every server besides the Controller is of the Compute node type.

GRAM Network Architecture

GRAM Network Architecture

Network Hardware

OpenStack and GRAM require four distinct networks among the different nodes on the rack. They are described as follows:

  • Control Plane: OpenFlow and GRAM commands are passed between the Controller and Compute nodes on this network. This is not controlled by OpenFlow and has its own internal IP addresses for each node.

  • Data Plane: The OpenFlow-controlled network and associated interfaces between the VM’s representing the requested compute/network resource topology. 

  • External Plane: This network connects the Controller node and switches to the external internet. Note: to access the Compute nodes from an external network you will need to connect to the Controller node first, then tunnel in using the internal rack addresses for a given Compute node.

  • Management Network: This network enables SSH entry and between the created VM’s. This is not controlled by OpenFlow.

OpenGENI Rack Internal Connectivity

OpenGENI Rack Internal Connectivity