Identity Management Product Overview

Omnibond develops and provides escalation support for many NetIQ Identity Manager Products.  

Omnibond also provides development services for respective drivers including the open source solutions for the Scripting Driver.  For more information email 


For 17 years, Omnibond has worked with NetIQ (formerly Novell) to extend Identity Management and Account Management to many computing platforms.

Development Areas


Omnibond makes and supports a wide range of drivers that enable Identity Manager to connect to applications running on mainframe, midrange, Linux and UNIX platforms.

We also developed the versatile Scripting Driver, which gives customers the tools to build their own drivers, connecting in-house applications and utilities to Identity Manager.


The Scripting Driver is especially popular among our own developers, who have used it to design several open source application Integrations.


Omnibond designed the connector software that enables Sentinel to receive data from a mainframe running IBM z/OS. 

Download Software by Omnibond for NetIQ® Identity Manager